What is Blueprints?

Blueprints is a series of prototype game events run by me in London. Each event sees the debut of a new game design. Each design is an experiment at creating something novel and previously unseen. 

What sort of thing do you mean?

Mole was the first Blueprint, in October 2014. An adaptation of the Dutch TV show Wie Is De Mol, players took part in challenges while trying to identify a traitor among them. Future events may see you forming a council in order to rule a country together, or win elections, or use phones to hack and infiltrate across the city. All events take place within the space of a day, at most.

Does it cost anything?

The events are ticketed, but cheap. They're prototypes, not full events. Tickets costs are to cover the cost of materials, not to make any profit.

This sounds cool! How do I find out more?

There's a mailing list! Sign up and you'll get updates on all future events.