Institute for Conformity Studies

The Institute for Conformity Studies was designed and produced for the Wellcome Collection's evening event Wrong!, and was inspired by scientific collaboration and error, and the Asch Conformity experiments. The players are asked to answer simple but difficult trivia questions in order to receive marshmallow rewards. However, their rewards are governed by secret instructions which order them to convince other players to give wrong answers. The result is suspicion, surprise and sugar rushes.

Close Ties

Close Ties was designed and produced in collaboration with 815Agency for Hide&Seek's Sandpit at Holland Park in July 2012, on the theme of movement and spectacle, and subsequently developed into an indoor game for the 2012 Weekender. Players must remain in contact with a home point at all times, either directly or through a chain of other players, while trying to form a chain of ribbons across the playing space. The ribbons can be used to extend the chain, which leads to confusing tangles of players, ribbons and well-intentioned plans gone awry.

Political Football

Political Football was designed and produced for Hide&Seek's Sandpit event at the Southbank Centre in May 2012, on the theme of sports and audiences. Political Football begins as a game of football for two players, but the audience are invited to add rules, equipment or even themselves to the game as play progresses. Every game starts with the same rules but ends as a completely new and unique sport, none of which have yet resembled anything that is played by professional athletes.

Filthy Lying Liar Dice

Filthy Lying Liar Dice was designed and produced for Hide&Seek's Sandpit event at the National Maritime Museum in October 2011. Based on the theme of the East India Company, FLLD is a variant of Perudo in which different colours of dice have different effects, and the players can lie about considerably more things than usual, including how many dice they are actually rolling. The game is snappy and encourages aggressive bluffing, bravado and risk-taking.