What is Mole?

It's a one-day public game in London based on the Dutch and internationally syndicated TV game show Wie Is De Mol, or Who Is The Mole.

OK, what's Wie Is De Mol?

It's great! A group of ten contestants attempt fabulous challenges for money, while getting picked off one by one each week. The players both cooperate (in order to secure money for the pot) and compete (in order to survive each episode). A hidden traitor in the group, the Mole, attempts to disrupt the contestant's plans. The person who identifies least about the Mole in a test each week is eliminated. Suspicion, treachery and paranoia among the players is the outcome.

So you're doing it in London, in a day? How does that work?

Everything that would normally take place in the course of the show will, instead, take place during a single day. While there will be changes to the format, it will still recognisably be De Mol, with games, tests, eliminations, earning money for a pot, and a Mole disguised among the players.

So when and where is this happening?

Saturday 25th October, London, in an as-yet undisclosed starting location. (It will be within Zones 1 and 2.)

This sounds cool! Can I play?

Sure! Fill in the submission form at the bottom and I'll send you a few questions to answer. There is a cover charge of £5, which goes to the prize fund, and you'll need to submit some information and bring a smart phone, which you'll occasionally need.

I want to play, but I really (don't) want to be The Mole.

The game depends on everybody being suspicious and nobody being certain. I will ask everyone how much they want to be the Mole, and I'll take it into account, but you've got to be willing to be both a normal contestant and the Mole, or the game doesn't work.

What advantages does the Mole get?

They get to know everything I do, including every surprise that will come the player's way. They can commit any and all sabotage they can dream up.

This sounds easy. As soon as I spot someone doing anything sneaky, I'll know they're the Mole and the jig will be up.

Since the object of the game is to identify the Mole, it's in your interest to deceive other players as to who the Mole is. You may not be on to the right suspect.

What about the money?

Well... It's not a glittering prize fund. The original game hands out hundreds and thousands of Euros, but for this one, knock two noughts off everything. The fund is drawn from the ticket price everyone pays. It'll be nominal: maybe enough for a good round at the pub, and to make the in-game decisions interesting.

Will there still be player elimination?

In Mole, players won't be eliminated as ruthlessly as on TV. There will still be tests and players will be knocked out, but at least half the players will reach the end of the day. Furthermore, the games are designed to give eliminated players a role as part of the game. They can still participate, even if they can no longer win the game.

Signups for Mole are now closed.