You want to play Dungeons and Dragons. I can help.

A lot of people want to play Dungeons & Dragons right now! Between TV shows like Stranger Things and Community showing the game itself, Game of Thrones giving us a huge fantasy epic and a number of online shows depicting real players and their campaigns, D&D is definitely having a moment. I field a fair few questions from people about it so I've started offering a service.

I run professional games of Dungeons & Dragons for new players who want to find out what its all about. I've been playing role-playing games for decades, and I';; work with you to make you feel comfortable as a new player. All you need is a few players and a location. I bring everything else to you—dice, rulebooks, even miniatures.

Dungeons & Dragons is a game played in person by a few people, most of which play the part of adventurers seeking fame, fortune and glory, and one who is the Dungeon Master and sets the challenges for the other players. Being a DM for the first time is intimidating, especially if you've never played a role-playing game before, and usually the bulk of the work falls on the DM. While it is possible to learn how to DM, it's definitely a scary idea to jump straight into it! Hiring me saves you that stress and allows everyone to enjoy playing instead of worrying about it.

f you're interested in hiring me, drop me a line below!

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