Here's a new thing I've been working on - an escape room! If you're unfamiliar with escape rooms, they're a type of game where several people are locked into a room together and solve puzzles against a time limit in order to escape. The rooms are heavily themed and provide a highly immersive experience. I'm excited about them: they're a chance to develop a regular structure for physical games, where the basic rules are fixed and the designers can do anything around that.

I've been working with Oubliette, a new company bringing an escape room to Brixton, London. Mink has previously built an escape room in Portland, Oregan and she's developing a new version of that room to the UK. They're already found a space and gone a long way to turn it into a tiny dystopia, tucked behind an innocent-looking adventure shop.

They've been running a Kickstarter and while it's hit its target, there are still three days to get tickets and other goodies like in-world stories written by Kieron Gillen and Naomi Alderman, among other treats.